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Let users know you can be trusted with their social data
Your users want the benefits that come with using a preferred social network identity on your website. Yet, 40% of users bypass social login because they are unaware of how their personal information will be used. The SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal helps to assure users that their privacy, information, and permissions are protected when they authenticate with a social network on your website or mobile application. By displaying the SocialPrivacy™ Certification Seal users will know that your business handles social data responsibly.

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites adhere to the following:

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not sell the social profile data of users or their friends to third parties. This includes not sharing any social profile data with a third party unless the third party acts on behalf of the certified website (for example, as a vendor or service provider).

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not publicly post to a user's social network account on behalf of a user without the user's explicit permission.

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not send private messages to a user's friend(s) unless prompted by the user.

SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will not use personal information obtained via Social Login to send newsletters or promotional emails unless users have opted-in to such notifications. SocialPrivacy™-certified websites will stop sending any such emails if a user unsubscribes.



By clicking Apply Now you agree that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy (link).  Your privacy is important us. We will never sell your data to any 3rd party.

Gigya maintains the right to audit customers for compliance wherever feasible